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  • Iron Scripter 2018 prelude 4

    This is your fourth and last prelude Iron Scripter Prelude 4 Success is the preludes may gain insights into the main challenge that will be advantageous to your faction.

  • Iron Scripter 2018 prelude 3


  • Iron Scripter 2018 prelude 2

    This is your second prelude for Iron Scripter 2018?Iron Scripter Prelude 2 Success will bring favour to your faction. Failure on the other hand ….

  • Iron Scripter US 2018

    The Iron Scripter competition will be organised as 4 short prelude events and the main event. The Preludes The preludes will be published on IronScripter.us in the morning of: Sunday…

  • Iron Scripter to be Held at PowerShell + DevOps Summit

    Today I, the Chairman of the Script Hall and Keeper of the Iron Way, announce that the next Iron Scripter shall take place on Thursday, April 12th 2018, at the…

  • Congratulations, Daybreak Faction!

    The Foundation and I are pleased to congratulate Daybreak faction as the winner of the most recent Iron Scripter. In breaking Battle faction’s three-year winning streak, they have shown that…

  • Congratulations, Battle Faction!

    We at The Foundation would like to extend our congratulations to Battle faction for their victory in the most recent Iron Scripter. This is the faction’s third consecutive victory, although…