Are You Listening to Me

The latest challenge from the Iron Scripter Chairman starts with a simple exercise aimed at PowerShell beginners. It ends with a more complex set of requirements for advanced PowerShell scripters. In between, you can embellish and add as much as you feel comfortable doing. The core of the challenge is based on the Get-NetTCPConnection cmdlet. […]

A Beginner PowerShell Function Challenge

The Chairman realizes that many IT Pros who take on his challenges are experienced and advanced PowerShell users. But everyone was a beginner once. Everyone had that first challenge of writing a PowerShell function. Today’s challenge is for those of you in the early stages of learning PowerShell. Now, it is time for you to […]

A Windows Feature PowerShell Challenge

It is time for a new set of challenges. Please feel free to post a comment with links back to your solutions and work on previous challenges. The Chairman doesn’t want to get into a position of having to provide solutions because there’s no guarantee it would be any “better” than yours. If your code […]

A PowerShell Scripting Challenge for Everyone

Hopefully, everyone has had an opportunity to work on the previously posted beginner challenge. For those of you with a bit more experience, it was probably an easy task. Now that you have a solution that you can run at a PowerShell prompt, your next challenge will build from it. The basic challenge is to […]

PowerShell Beginners Have to Start Somewhere

As promised, the Chairman is offering up the following challenge for PowerShell beginners. Get all files in a given folder including subfolders and display a result that shows the total number of files, the total size of all files, the average file size, the computer name, and the date when you ran the command. This […]