The rules of Script Hall are simple, but profound. The factions adhere to these rules with the strictest possible discipline, for to break the unity of Script Hall would be to incite a return to the Age of War.

  1. All participants must declare their loyalty to a recognized faction.
    There’s no need to sign up – simply choose the faction whose style suits you best, and jump in.
  2. All factions shall be led by a Faction Head, who shall be responsible for coordinating the faction’s efforts, and for ensuring that the rules of Shell Arena are strictly observed.
    Faction heads are chosen by acclaim, meaning basically whoever wants the job gets it.
  3. Each faction shall be provided their own private working space. Save for the Referee and his staff, no member of any faction shall visit the working space of another faction.
  4. Competition lasts exactly 60 minutes, as adjudged and announced by the Referee.
  5. Factions may enlist outside consultants, who must work remotely, and who must work exclusively for their faction. Factions decide how to coordinate them in whatever way they want.
  6. The ruling of the Judges is final and absolute.

Winning factions often acknowledge the member of their faction who most contributed to their victory, naming them Most Valuable Scripter. Each faction adopts their own method for awarding such an honor.

Players seeking advantage can follow #IronScripter (the tag, not the person) on Twitter. Who knows what may be revealed?