Congratulations, Daybreak Faction!

The Foundation and I are pleased to congratulate Daybreak faction as the winner of the most recent Iron Scripter. In breaking Battle faction’s three-year winning streak, they have shown that code can be both functional and beautiful.

Battle faction was completely out of sorts throughout the entire hour-long challenge. Rumor has it that Dark faction was providing secret support to Daybreak, in an effort to break Battle faction’s stranglehold on the code. Flawless faction is also suspected of contributing code to Daybreak on the sly, teaming up against their rival to end the three-year lock on the code. Battle faction also suffered auxiliary failures, losing precious time during the challenge to failed machines, arguments, and infighting.

Daybreak faction has reigned supreme, and they usher in a new year where the code shall focus on a high aesthetic. However, the next Iron Scripter will arrive soon – and with a new, public venue and broader participation. Watch for announcements coming soon.