Congratulations, Battle Faction!

We at The Foundation would like to extend our congratulations to Battle faction for their victory in the most recent Iron Scripter. This is the faction’s third consecutive victory, although in this case their edge over Daybreak faction was very close.

As usual, Battle faction simply dove into the challenge, breaking into loose groups and coding with fervor. Their code won very few style points, but they finished early and were able to solve many of the challenge’s optional components. Daybreak solved the main challenge, and did so with their usual respect for aesthetics, but produced less functional code and did not meet many of the optional components. Sadly, also for the third year running, Flawless Faction failed to turn in a completed challenge. Their respectable focus on absolute perfection in their code did not enable them to complete the main challenge.

So once again, Battle faction reigns supreme. It is their code which shall guide us all until the next Iron Scripter. And that next Iron Scripter will not only come all too soon – it will come with a new twist.