Iron Scripter prelude

  • Preparing for Battle

    Over the course of the next several weeks there will be even more preparatory challenges. There is not necessarily any right answer as long as it meets the criteria of…

  • Iron Scripter 2019 is Coming

    Prepare yourself for Iron Scripter 2019 with this first warm up challenge.

  • Iron Scripter 2018 prelude 4

    This is your fourth and last prelude Iron Scripter Prelude 4 Success is the preludes may gain insights into the main challenge that will be advantageous to your faction.

  • Iron Scripter 2018 prelude 3


  • Iron Scripter 2018 prelude 2

    This is your second prelude for Iron Scripter 2018?Iron Scripter Prelude 2 Success will bring favour to your faction. Failure on the other hand ….

  • Iron Scripter 2018 prelude 1

    This is the first prelude to Iron Scripter 2018.?Iron Scripter Prelude 1 Successful will gain favour for your faction