Iron Scripter prelude

  • Another Validation Solution for Prequel Challenge 4

    The other day the Chairman shared a possible solution for prequel challenge #4. In his enthusiasm for PowerShell and automation, he jumped the gun on the next challenge which was […]

  • Iron Scripter 2019 Prelude #4 Solution

    Last week the Chairman offered up another prelude challenge to prepare you for the Iron Scripter Battle at the next month’s PowerShell + DevOps Summit. As promised, the Chairman has […]

  • Iron Scripter 2019 Prelude Challenge 4

    The Chairman is very taken with the idea of automation and deployment pipelines. He is intrigued by all of the options available to IT Pros and his Iron Scripters. To […]

  • Iron Scripter Prelude 3 Solution

    Last week the Chairman provided another prelude challenge. This challenge was intended to get you familiar with Just Enough Administration (JEA). This is an admittedly advanced topic, but the Chairman […]

  • Iron Scripter Prelude Challenge #3

    In 2019 the security of your network and data center should be a primary responsibility. As beneficial as it is to use PowerShell to manage things, the default implementation, especially […]

  • Prelude #2 Solution

    The last Chairmans’s challenge was based on a task you might have to face in real life – fixing someone else’s code. Although, that someone may be you! Of course […]

  • Iron Scripter 2019 Prelude Challenge #2

    To continue preparing you for the upcoming battle, the Chairman has arranged another prelude challenge. If the Chairman is feeling generous, a sample solution may be provided in about a […]

  • Iron Scripter Prelude 1 Solutions

    So you had a little bit of time to work out a solution the first prelude challenge. Even though you might be tempted to answer all solutions as a script, […]

  • Iron Scripter 2019 Prequel 1

    The Chairman has arranged for another prequel challenge to prepare you for the upcoming Iron Scripter battle. A suggested solution will eventually be provided. In the mean time, see what […]

  • A Warm-Up Solution

    To prepare you for the upcoming battle you were offered a warm-up challenge. The basic challenge was to take the output from Get-Counter and pipe it through a command you […]