Are You Worthy of the Dark Faction?

Recently the Chairman posted a challenge from the Dark Faction. However the Dark Faction is not satisfied. They have delivered another challenge for those of you who wish to prove your worthiness as an Iron Scripter.

The Dark Faction often shares code among its members. You are challenged to develop a set of tools that will meet the following requirements.

  1. Create a text file in either json or xml format that can be securely copied across the Internet. The file should contain the code the recipient can run and a set of parameters. The recipient should be able to unravel the file and execute the code with parameters.
  2. You need to make sure that only the intended recipient can “open” the file and execute the code. It might also be useful to include some metadata like the originating user, computer or date. You can assume some pre-shared knowledge like a password or user name. But otherwise the transport file should be protected.
  3. You might need to develop a way to securely send and install a certificate as part of the same file.
  4. Ideally, you will write code, perhaps a module, that has commands to encapsulate everything into a single file and PowerShell code to unwrap and execute it.

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