A Registered PowerShell Challenge

The Chairman feels it is is time to give up and coming PowerShell warriors a chance to prove themselves. This challenge is targeted for beginner PowerShell scripters with a few extra elements that intermediate level scripters should be able to handle.

The Main Challenge

Your primary goal is to write a set of PowerShell functions that will GET and SET the registered user and organization for the local Windows computer. This is information you can see when you run the winver command. This information is stored in the Windows registry.

For the SET function, you should let the user specify if they want to set the user and/or organization. The output should show the computer name and the registered values.

Going Further

For those of you with a bit more scripting experience, or if you want to push your beginner skills, see how many of these elements you can add to your functions.

  • Query and set remote Windows computers.
  • Support accepting computer names from the pipeline.
  • Include appropriate error handling.
  • Add parameter validation.
  • Support WhatIf for the set function.

As with all of these challenges, there is no time frame or deadline. Nor is this this a competition except with yourself. The Chairman encourages you to share links to your work in the comments.

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