A PowerShell Scripting Challenge for Everyone

Hopefully, everyone has had an opportunity to work on the previously posted beginner challenge. For those of you with a bit more experience, it was probably an easy task. Now that you have a solution that you can run at a PowerShell prompt, your next challenge will build from it. The basic challenge is to take your code and turn it into a PowerShell function. However, depending on your skill level you will be asked to accomplish a little bit more.


Using your solution from the previous beginner challenge, turn this into a simple PowerShell function that will allow the user to specify the path. Your function should write the same result to the pipeline.


Create a similar function as the beginner level but accept piping in a directory name. Your function only needs to process a single path. You should also include parameter validation and error handling. The output must include the path. Include comment-based help.


Create an advanced function that meets the Intermediate requirements. Your function should also accept parameters for remote computernames with credentials, it should accept mulitple paths, and an option to run as a background job. It would be nice if the user could specify the job name.

As with all challenges, please don’t submit any solutions as comments. They will not be published. But you are welcomed and encourage to comment with links to your work.