A PowerShell Challenge for Challenges

Since the last PowerShell Summit, the Chairman has been offering PowerShell scripting challenges to help hone your skills. Because not everyone is an advanced PowerShell user, he has also been offering challenges for beginner and intermediate level professionals.  Which brings us to this challenge which is to find the previous challenges with PowerShell.

The JSON Journey

This website is powered by WordPress, which is a good thing for you. Most recent WordPress installations include json support out-of-the-box. You can use https://ironscripter.us/wp-json/wp/v2 as an entryway to discover everything you can retrieve using json. You can discover how to get specific types of information from the routes.

WordPress json routes

You should be able to get this information yourself with the information provided thus far. You will need to be able to discover the routes so that you can complete the following challenges. You will need to retrieve information about categories and tags from the IronScripter web site.

Intermediate Challenge

For this level. all you need to do is write one or two PowerShell expressions to achieve the desired result from a PowerShell prompt.

  • How many posts are there for each category?
  • How many posts are there for the beginner,intermediate, and advanced tags?
  • Display posts for the Challenge category showing when it was posted, the title, the categories, the tags, excerpt, and link. Extra PowerShell Bonus points for displaying categories and tags with their names.

Advanced Challenge

For advanced scripters, you should be able to accomplish everything in the Intermediate challenge but in the form of an advanced function or two.  Include an option to get the newest X number of challenges. The category and tag data in your output must be real names and the excerpt should be simple text with no HTML elements. For an extra challenge, write a control script to create a pretty HTML page with links from the challenge post data.

As usual, please submit comments with links to your work and not actual solutions. Good luck.

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  1. Andre

    Here is my attempt at the Advanced challenge, but without the control script to create the HTML.
    I am still fairly new at Powershell, so I am open to comments and constructive criticism.

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