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Discover the players in this ages-old game. Select "Factions" above for their histories.

Sleek & Beautiful

Flawless Faction

Dedicated to sleek perfection, their unofficial motto is, "why measure twice, when thrice will ensure snove?"

Sleek & Beautiful

Battle Faction

Rough and ready, harsh but disciplined, this faction is known for their aggressive style and dedication to honor.

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Daybreak Faction

Honoring their Eastern origins, this faction believes code is poetry, and seeks the highest possible aesthetic.

Sleek & Beautiful

Dark Faction

Mysterious and anonymous, Dark Faction has always lurked in the centers of power and influence

The News

The latest from The Chairman.

March 18, 2019 No Comments

Iron Scripter 2019 Prelude Challenge 4

The Chairman is very taken with the idea of automation and deployment pipelines. He is intrigued by all of the options available to IT Pros and his Iron Scripters. To that end, he is proposing this warm-up challenge to continue preparing you for the Iron Scripter event at the upcoming PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit. […]

March 15, 2019 No Comments

Iron Scripter Prelude 3 Solution

Last week the Chairman provided another prelude challenge. This challenge was intended to get you familiar with Just Enough Administration (JEA). This is an admittedly advanced topic, but the Chairman expects nothing less from his Iron Scripters. To assist you in your quest the Chairman has graciously provided another sample solution. JEA is not a […]

March 6, 2019 1 comments

Iron Scripter Prelude Challenge #3

In 2019 the security of your network and data center should be a primary responsibility. As beneficial as it is to use PowerShell to manage things, the default implementation, especially from a remote administration perspective, may be overly broad. To remotely manage a server with PowerShell requires more administrative access than you may feel comfortable […]