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  • A Wide Open PowerShell Challenge

    Way back in the DOS world, there was a very handy way of displaying only directories. In PowerShell, we can approximate this behavior with an expression like The Chairman has […]

  • A PowerShell Session Challenge

    PowerShell Remoting is a key management tool. But just because you’ve turned it on, doesn’t mean you are done. The Chairman thinks it should still be managed. To that end, […]

  • PowerShell Back-to-School Scripting Challenge

    For many people, it is back-to-school time. This time of years always makes The Chairman nostalgic, so he has commissioned a new set of PowerShell scripting challenges. These tasks are […]

  • Infrastructure Testing Challenge for PowerShell

    It is time for one more PowerShell scripting challenge before the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Chairman recognizes the value in testing code using tools like Pester. […]

  • A PowerShell Nonsense Challenge

    It is time for your next PowerShell scripting challenge. If you are new to these challenges, please take a few minutes to browse past challenges. There is no time limit. […]

  • Building a PowerShell Process Tree

    Your next PowerShell scripting challenge has arrived. Some of you may be familiar with the tree command-line tool. If you’ve never seen it, try tree $home at a PowerShell prompt. […]

  • Text Me – A PowerShell Dialer Challenge

    The Chairman is very fond of puzzles, ciphers and secret codes. All of which lend themselves to PowerShell. Today’s Intermediate level challenge falls into this category. Although some of the […]

  • Building a PowerShell Command Inventory

    For this challenge, The Chairman wants to know about your arsenal of PowerShell weapons that you can bring to battle. There are two parts to this challenge and both assume […]

  • A PowerShell Object Age Challenge

    One of PowerShell’s greatest strengths is its ease of use and flexibility. There are many things you do in PowerShell that could be a whole lot more complicated. For example, […]

  • A PowerShell Counting Challenge

    It is time for a new PowerShell scripting challenge. Today’s challenge is targeted at beginner and intermediate skill levels, although everyone is welcome to try their hand. To get the […]