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The Factions

Discover the players in this ages-old game. Select "Factions" above for their histories.

Sleek & Beautiful

Flawless Faction

Dedicated to sleek perfection, their unofficial motto is, "why measure twice, when thrice will ensure snove?"

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Battle Faction

Rough and ready, harsh but disciplined, this faction is known for their aggressive style and dedication to honor.

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Daybreak Faction

Honoring their Eastern origins, this faction believes code is poetry, and seeks the highest possible aesthetic.

Sleek & Beautiful

Dark Faction

Mysterious and anonymous, Dark Faction has always lurked in the centers of power and influence

The News

The latest from The Chairman.

April 11, 2018 1 comments

Iron Scripter 2018 pelude 4

This is your fourth and last prelude Iron Scripter Prelude 4 Success is the preludes may gain insights into the main challenge that will be advantageous to your faction.

April 9, 2018 5 comments

Iron Scripter 2018 prelude 2

This is your second prelude for Iron Scripter 2018┬áIron Scripter Prelude 2 Success will bring favour to your faction. Failure on the other hand ….